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Our Mission


We think happiness is an inside job, so we're passionate about helping kids grow their bliss from within.

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Our Philosophy


At the core of each of us is a calm, wise place we call our Zenter. In our Zenter we find our true peace, love and joy. It's also the place we draw from to share our special gifts with the world. This makes it pretty important!

But we can lose touch with our Zenter. When we get swept away by outside things, we start to assume that what matters can only be found "out there". Even though there is a lot to enjoy in the world, it isn't where we find the deeper stuff of life.

We believe kids who stay connected with their inner wisdom (Zentered) are healthier, happier beings who have greater compassion for themselves, others and our planet.

To support the Zenter within each of us, we created the 9 happy habits for life!

The Happy Habits


The happy habits are research-based practices that work together like spokes in a wheel to bring strength and balance to our Zenter. Like, when we "Try New Things" our Zenters are challenged to grow and when we "Go Outside" our Zenters connect with the awesome intelligence of nature.

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Who We Are


Hi! We're Maria + Sandy, partners in life and in our dream 'work' of having the happy habits become an integral part of kids' development and education, right up there with reading, writing and arithmetic.


To learn more about us...

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Our Products


The happy habits are incorporated into everything we create:

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Our 3 books are available in softcover on Amazon.
Learn more about them
and get direct links to each one
through our Books page.
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For original resources that
help kids learn and practice
the happy habits,
visit our Shop on
Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT).
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Playing Cards

Get our Feelings Cards at
Make Playing Cards (MPC),
a socially and environmentally responsible company known for superior quality products.
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The Blog


On our blog you'll find: details on each of the habits, why we made stuff, different ways to use our products, stories, games, resources, recipes, spotlights and so much more!

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